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If one good thing came out of the progression of music formats, it's that Sony did not have any control over it or any hand in it. They DRM everything they are involved in, music or other.

MP3 filled a gap perfectly when it came along. The small file size for dialup connections and the fact anyone could create software or hardware to play them quite easily, pretty much forced the dinosaur music studios to have to consider online digital purchases of music.

We have Flac and until a better loseless format comes along that brings real benefits, it will stay and be the codec of choice.

It would not surprise me if the record labels came up with a new format that could contain extra information (maybe separate tracks to let the hardware recreate the sound or individual speaker sounds for up to 16 speakers as an example), albeit more for the reasons of DRM, and force new music hardware to get certified to play and enforce the DRM.

The progression we have had with music format is because it has worked and people wanted it. The same will happen with future formats as long as we can keep the media cartels fingers out of the pie.

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