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> Most modern music has the dynamic range of a sheet of paper, with more compression than the bottom of the Mariana Trench. I don't think mp3 makes much difference there.

That is probably why most people can't hear the difference between the original source and highly compressed mp3 anymore, so people just stick with highly compressed mp3, played through a tinny bluetooth speaker.

What would be nicer, is if there was a push towards proper mastering again. I heard that when SACD came out, the big draw was not so much the 192KHz sample rate and 24/32bit precision, more that they were building a format for audiophiles, meaning they mastered the damn thing properly.

Fact is, adding dynamic compression is easy to do, but hard to undo. I can easily add dynamic compression to music (the open source audacity suite will do for that, if a bit overkill), or you can buy sound compressors that you patch into your hifi and alter the loudness as much as you want.

However trying to reduce dynamic compression is impossible. When you normalize all the peaks in a sound file, you don't know what their original values were, so you can't "undo" the compression. Without the uncompressed source you are screwed ( AFAIK, any sound engineers out there, feel free to correct me. I've been out of the loop for a while now, so don't know the state of the art),

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