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Isn't going down the vinyl audiophile thing more like buying a Morgan or a Bristol

Part of it is - some people are buying old high-end hi-fi turntables that were probably rather better engineered and reliable than many boutique cars. But most vinyl buyers have acquired the modern equivalent of the Dansette record player to reproduce their expensively-bought pressings made, I assume, on life-expired plant. By all objective assessments the sound quality is not merely inferior to CD, but absolute crap. Is anyone lauding the virtues of vinyl actually aware of the trade-off between playing time and compression that goes into mastering an LP, or have they heard music on anything other than a crappy bluetooth speaker?

I'm moving house at present and transferring the small amount of vinyl I have (stuff that's deleted or that I listen to so rarely it's not worth re-acquring) to MP3 so I can junk it and save myself having to carry it. I'm also digitising my remaining Laserdiscs - the ones that don't have bit-rot and brutal pillarboxing, though I won't be junking as many as people seem prepared to pay silly prices for them*.

However, anything I'm actually likely to listen to or watch regularly, then I'm hanging on to the CDs and or DVDs, though I have them available ripped for convenience. I'm also hanging on to my LS3/5As, but they now hang off a Class D amplifier because they're now good enough too.

*Edit: I wish to make it clear I will be deleting digital copies of any media I subequently sell. Because, clearly, I woudn't steal a movie studio.

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