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Apple bans benign iOS spyware detection, security info app

Prst. V.Jeltz Silver badge

"Windows phone is actually pretty good"

Not its not . I have one . The interfaces are bullshit and unintuitive, However my main gripe is:

You cannot set it to repeat beep when a text comes in .

and when I say cannot i mean even if you are prepared to write your own app it cannot be done due to lack of api access to messaging system.

this is a basic fucking fundamental requirement of a phone , and as such i declare the thing unfit for purpose.

Its not fucking complicated request is it? its not like face recognition software ffs.

here , ms ,

Do until "hell" = "frozen over"

if unreadmeassges = true AND timesincelastbeep > 2 min then


timesincelastbeep =now

end if


there , you can have that for free now please put in in my fucking phone

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