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HPE Labs manufactures monster memory Machine system

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HPE CEO Meg Whitman went all misty-eyed on Big Data analytics. "The secrets to the next great scientific breakthrough ... hide in plain sight behind the mountains of data we create every day.

From my limited first-hand experience with scientific breakthroughs, this statement appears to be false. Most, though obviously not all, scientific developments come from two things coming into conjunction: new ideas, born in the brains of scientists, and new technological capabilities - things like lasers, magnets, centrifuges, vacuum pumps, gene sequencers, rockets, reactors, submarines, high-pressure anvil cells, clocks, balances, and, yes, sometimes computers.

At the same time, computers are often the biggest obstacle to scientific development: as often as not, they encourange scientists to be lazy and sloppy in their thinking and planning, using big computers and big data to make up for the deficit of understanding. Good fraction of computational studies coming across my desk evaluate, at a great expense, things which couple of hours of thinking would demonstrate to be either zero or even meaningless. Not having a honking big computer would have been an advantage in thouse cases ...

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