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I worked in one large hospital where management decided to tighten up security and have a whitelist of accessible websites. Unfortunately they didn't include the British National Formulary, TOXBASE etc with predictably hairy results.

I once read an account by an A&E doctor, who (not being able to diagnose a patient's problem with 95% or better certainty, as often happens especially in A&E) decided to run a query on the Best Bet site, this being a website especially for A&E workers faced with this kind of lemma. Unfortunately, the hospital's I(dio)T department had installed filters which blocked access to Best Bet on the (false) assumption that it was a gambling site.

Fortunately he was able to work around this by ringing a friend in another A&E and having the friend access Best Bet on his behalf. I bet he had a few choice words to say to IT/management when called in to the disciplinary hearing about this episode.

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