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"Err, what sort of performance would you expect if the Tories lose? Corbyn wants to drag us back to the 1970s, so can you imagine the sort of big-state approach he'll be having on IT? I can remember eating by candlelight because the government was at odds with the employees of the state-owned electricity industry. "Party lines" installed by the sluggish, expensive, incompetent GPO. A state owned motor industry that signed its own death warrant through endless strikes and poor quality. Etc etc."

In short: a much better life than what I've got under the Tories.

Your arguments regarding Corbyn are completely wrong and misplaced. The idea of privatising the rails, energy etc was so that the infrastructures and rolling stock could be upgraded and improved. Instead the only thing to improve on the rails is the increase in ticket prices and over crowding. Likewise with energy, increases of energy bills yet no movement or improvement on the whole.

All the money paid to privatised companies wouldn't leave the UK then, it'd stay in the country. The Rail/Energy would become not-for-profit, meaning any profits were put back in to the industries. What's the problem in that?

Furthermore, with your inaccuracies in your question lead me to believe you've never read anything other than The Daily Fail et al about him and his policies. Bet you still think he ran a photographer over, don't you?

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