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"Look, I know after 7 years under a Tory lead bollocks job of a government it feels like we're in the medieval times. But we're not. Have faith, pip pip and make June the end of May."

Err, what sort of performance would you expect if the Tories lose? Corbyn wants to drag us back to the 1970s, so can you imagine the sort of big-state approach he'll be having on IT? I can remember eating by candlelight because the government was at odds with the employees of the state-owned electricity industry. "Party lines" installed by the sluggish, expensive, incompetent GPO. A state owned motor industry that signed its own death warrant through endless strikes and poor quality. Etc etc.

I'm on the right wing, and I despise May as a meddling, incompetent lightweight without any strategic vision. I certainly won't be voting for her. But equally, I won't be voting for the the mad, sociliast-fundamentalist, academic, blundering Corbyn.

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