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Who said it was meant as a joke? It was meant to put across a serious point. Due Diligence. Encryption is getting scapegoated here, when this really boils down to lack of resources, poor management - updating/securing systems, poor choices regards Software.

There is a narrative here being fed to the press, who are lapping it up, printing it all as gospel (especially the Guardian's coverage), typically aimed at the technically illiterate, to cause change (I believe regards encryption laws),

What better way to achieve your goals/press that point, than hype up a very emotive "encryption target", where the general public will have difficulty understanding the full picture of the encryption attack, instead, they will be swayed by the emotional aspect of its effects.

It all plays very well for new laws regarding the use of encryption, which lessen, rather than stengthen their own security, without them realising. This is exactly the sort of techniques that will be used to force "change" (regarding encryption law) through.

Yes, the effects are real, but like anything, systems will be back to normal in a week, the real effects on encryption laws/personal privacy (long term) could be the real attack vector in this.

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