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There's a f**k load of ignorance on this thread

Really, there is.

Why Windows? Thirty years ago Linux was not available... and what did every organization use in the rush to computerize in the mid to late 90's? Oh, that's right it was MS Windows!

Computerized records, why not use pen and paper? Are you willing to pay for the storage? Are you willing to pay for your records to be mailed/faxed each time you visit another department, let alone another county/country? Or do you like the convenience of phoning in for your prescription (no need to visit the doctor, no need to explain to the receptionist why you need that tablet, no need to fetch your prescription and then take it and wait at the pharmacy) and then fetching it with no other interaction from you?

Do you like your life saving care to come from people who have access to your medical records and can see you are allergic to anti-histamines or whatever - because it says so on the screen?

Do you want you medical care provider to provide you with care for the best possible cost and not to be spending your hard-earned tax money on paper, creating forms that don't get completed or filed properly (mainly because the doctor/nurse/filing clerk is so totally over-worked it's mind boggling how and why they actually keep going), just so that you can drop dead because the bit of paper listing your allergy to common-sense was at the back of file, folded up and not at the front open for all to see (as and when they find your records in the huge warehouse; then someone carefully takes each page out and places it in the fax machine; then once they have faxed your records to correct place - "oh dear very famous person, I really didn't mean for your records to go to the local gossip blogger - the numbers are so similar. Never mind dear, I'll try again")

I know which I prefer. The question you have to ask yourself, do I prefer cost-effective health care or the shambles and inefficiencies of the 1970's?

Do I want my health care to work?

Do I want my health care to ensure I live?

If the answer is yes, then stop banging on about Linux is better than Windows, because they are both the sodding same. Really they are.

Windows is an OS; Linux is the kernel of a system that makes up an OS. Both do what they do very efficiently and effectively. Do you really think the pure evil hackers of the world would stick to Windows if Linux or Mac or Uncle Bob's OS was more popular?

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