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And that, in and of itself, is a PERFECT EXCUSE to never bother to learn or ask if alternate versions of the control software are available, or plan to be made available. And also, never learn anything new yourself. Why bother, if you don't get paid for it, right? I only work in the Linux part of any shop anymore, and I got here because I knew my Linux from well before it became the best solution for modern big compute data centers in terms of price/performance. I don't need to consult the Top500 super computer clusters in the world. I already know what OS most of them run. It was just a hobby in the 1990s. I know Windows. I've setup Windows. I've installed some mildly complicated Windows-Only wares and made damn sure I told the vendor; "when are you going to have a proper Linux version of this tool (VMware vCenter vRealize vThingy)?" They were already working on one. No matter, I'm on a different site, but you get the idea. Hey, even most all of the factory testing systems at the assembly lines of Foxconn, where the iPhones are made, are Windows boxes. If virus exposure for these highly quarantined systems were to materialize, you would have a major vendor asking their major manufacturer to look into getting non-Windows test systems. That is the problem; it's easy to find coders and integrations for developing cheap solutions to controlling the building of physical products using Windows. It is a common OS, and it makes sense to just dev on that, rather than progress to anything more modern for a host of reasons; too expensive to dev, not enough customer requests, cheap hardware platform, and obviously too hard for the "we only know one OS" crew to dev on. So, if it was not Windows, it would be millions of old legacy systems running MacOS 7, or C/PM. It's not the systems, it's the lazy and stupid end users who treat the connected computers like toasters; only the crumb tray ever needs servicing.

Like with IoT, you can secure these devices, when you have the knowledge and the motivation to do it. Otherwise, the vendor should be shipping completely locked down devices, but they won't because; stupid people. And cheap to the point of stupid people. The fine people of the NHS got tricked. They got tricked into thinking their computers were more useful and safer than writing on paper. Today, they learn the value of a good pen and a study pad of papyrus. Seriously, NHS, welcome to 1984...BC.

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