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Re: I for one, welcome the return of the paper patient notes.

I've been trying for years to be in charge on my own NHS files, or at least to correct some of the errors within, to no effect. Politicians assume I am mad to suggest such a thing.

The lack of logic in the NHS at every level is worrying. My medical records are so off they are funny and worrying. The time a cat attacked my hand, the senior nurse listed me as a possible heroin addict because I had fifty bloody puncture wounds in my hand - I really don't think that is the way junkies inject.

I was tested for breast cancer one afternoon - I didn't have it but the test is so painful that if you are ever in that situation then I suggest you ask for a second opinion before even having the test. Better than not having the test and actually having it of course. Still, at the start I was asked to fill out a standard NHS form, on of the questions was "Are you still having your periods? [Y] / [N]"

How do you answer that as an Aspergers male?

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