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Well this is awkward. As Microsoft was bragging about Office at Build, Office 365 went down

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We moved to it 3 months ago after an 18 month trial with 50 users and we've now got 500 users on it out of 900 and they prefer it. The helpdesk prefer it as they're dealing with less local install issues or MS apps. The purchase dept like it 'cos the licensing issues are a lot simpler to deal with. The IT techs love it 'cos they can use an O/S they like, they're not beholden to an Office install, we have dekstops of Linux, Solaris, OSX and Windows and they can all use the browser based Office apps and share docs. The biggest advantage to users is that they haven't got faff about with VPNs and RSA keys to get to their mails or docs while out of the office, they simply jump on a secure app on their phones or laptops, or they use a public browser to get emails quickly. The management love 'cos it they can bother the staff, the staff love it 'cos they know their managers have no excuses not to answer emails and get decisions made. Alright once in a blue moon it goes offline but cloud services are still in the learning stage, and I would say that cloud is not for everyone but basic stuff like word docs, spreadsheets and emails worked out well for us.

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