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Mozilla to Thunderbird: You can stay here and we may give you cash, but as a couple, it's over


> Just a few big exploit avenues: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo,

Plus of course the means of accessing said webmails, your browser that is under constant attack from craply-written ad scripts (and compromised ad services) that may or may not get around the ad blocker that you have to trust is 'clean'...

> your ISP etc.

That too - my ISP's email service isn't 'theirs' any more but I maintain a couple of mailboxes for continuity and as an actual paying customer have at least a sliver of permission to attempt to demand service.

Also, don't ever tell an email provider the account holder is deceased unless you are absolutely sure that you have arrangements in place or don't mind losing the mailbox right there and then. I hope I don't get done for fraud when I do eventually tell them...

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