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it's not the machines that have the bias.

the "algorithm" is the EXCUSE. it's what Facebook falls back on when it conveniently censors things its owners are on record opposing. it's the excuse given for, as the article said, rejecting credit. Its the excuse that rejects qualified applicants because the employers have someone in mind already.

the algorithm is merely a REFLECTION of the policies that it's owners explicitly desire.

Because if the algorithm did NOT do or act as its owners wanted, it would not make it past testing as it exhibits "undesirable" performance-or the system would be "modified" as soon as "undesirable" behavior was observed and reported.

Algorithm is a boogeyman and scapegoat term nowadays. Because most people simply don't understand how they actually work and are actually deployed. And there's no representation or defense for the poor system blamed for whatever scandal, outrage or whatever that's brewing.

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