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You're not getting it - you're insisting that "rich", "beautiful" and "fair" have some (however fuzzy) accepted definition, which most people would agree on, while arguing endlessly about the details. How 20th C! Get ready for some "disruption", and get with the new definitions:

Rich: Us, who manufacture this pile-of-shit expert-system software wearing AI drag. You, possibly, if you're in a position of power and decide to be nice to us.

Beautiful: Don't use this word. There's a startup called Beautfl, backed by a bunch of ravening VCs, and they now own their brandname, all words vaguely similar to it, all equivalents in all world languages, and all words vaguely similar to _those_. You'll be hearing from their lawyers shortly.

Fair: Whatever helps us sell our shonky software. See Rich.

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