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> If we ever achieve strong AI, that is artificial sapience, it's going

> to be as biased and stupid as we are. But it may be a lot faster

> at being so.

Yes, faster and also much more pervasive. It's likely that some of these systems (e.g. the larger, more famous, systems run by the likes of Facebook and Google) will be regularly consulted by most organisations due to the sheer volume of data they hold about many people. We could end up with a situation where a handful of AIs (or AI-like systems) have huge influence over people's ability to find credit, insurance, employment and more.

Biases, errors and omissions in these systems could have a detrimental effect on most aspects of people's lives and could follow them around inescapably. The combination of automated decision-making and widespread dependency on a limited number of "AI" providers could result in life-long automated and repeated problems.

> If the singularity ever happens, it's not going to end well for humans.

Yes indeed. Also it could go badly for many humans long before then.

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