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Not to mention data protection and legislation problems. If it is on-site, it is your problem. If it is hosted, you have no control over the hoster and if they splurge your data over the internet (or let someone steal it), it is still your problem, even though it is not your fault and you face prosecution for their failure...

Add in things like not being able to store personal information outside the EU (for EU based citizens and businesses) and, usually, financial/tax relevant data can't be stored outside of the country of origin withoug getting a special dispensation from the tax office / treasury, and you have real problems trying to even recommend cloud as a suitable alternative.

I like the convinience of cloud in some ways, but for a business based on a single site, doing manufacturing and where most of its employees are on site and sitting at the thin end of a 10mbps line, cloud makes little to no sense.

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