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@sorry, what? "@boltar, how do you get innovation but by iteration, speculation and plagiarism?"

Java did so spectacularly badly at this I reference them as a badly managed language.

"iteration, speculation" was thoroughly used for multiple versions as Sun said "let a hundred regexen bloom!" Wasn't it Java 5 or was it Java 6 that *finally* 'introduced' regex support? After half the population had bought one of hundreds of expensive badly implemented commercial packages, with the other half still laboriously hand-coding text parsing routines contributing to a large part of the early security flaws Java apps were(?) famous for.

"plagiarism" is a fabulously good thing when it improves your particular tool of choice. After hemming and hawing for years they finally ended up approving a basic PCRE engine. Frabjous fuck. It was a toy language until they recognized basic interfacing with the external world.

I'm remembering/thinking the community process was ideally started to identify problems outside Sun's myopia. Ah, regular expressions in JSR 59 in Java 1.4, the 5th Java release, and first under the community process.

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