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Well, well, well ..... whoever would have a'thunk it?

Hmmmm :-)

For all and any of you who be not thinking, and venturing that amfM1 knows not what needs to be shared and talked about, ponder on the similarity towards singularity between what

was said on 8 May 2017 at 09:01 by Danny Bradbury of El Reg, ….Algorithms are calling the shots these days, and they may not be as impartial as you thought. …. and the alien version, voiced Mon 8 May 08:11 …….And IT has a SMARTR Mind of its own and AIdDevelopments and The Almighty HyperRadioProActive Algorithm ensures and assures and insures the Future against the Failures of the Past perverting the Present. …. Allow me to FTFY, AC

Spooky eh, and with both of us not wrong is the power of the force unleashed not simply doubled but massively squared. With three in the crowd is its energy cubed. Very soon is almighty not an exaggeration.

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