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Oracle fires Java warning at IBM and Red Hat

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"Java is an abomination. Not as a programming language per se, but as a systems programming language! "

You wouldn't use java to do systems programming in the first place. If you want to get down and dirty with the OS you'll be reaching for your nearest C compiler.

Java as an application programming language OTOH has its merits tho memory usage certainly isn't one of them. The only real beef I have with java (speaking as a C++ developer) is that it seems to me the wheel has been reinvented far too many times in the libraries. Just how many - for example - graphics APIs or container classes does a language need? There's a tipping point where having too many variations on a theme on offer actually makes life more difficult for coders, not less, since no one can be expected to know all of them yet they'll probably have to maintain code that uses them at some point or have to choose one for a green field project and spend ages trying to grok the differences between them for the best option.

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