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Can we stop using the term AI please ?

This is not AI, this is machine learning. It is an algorythm that takes input data, correlates it with existing data sets and measures a response based on imposed criteria. Theoretically, you could design a Babbage computer to do the same thing.

AI, as in Artificial Intelligence, would take the input data, evaluate it to decide whether or not additional data was needed, go fetch any Personnel info available, muse a bit about how numbers could not actually measure a human being's worth, and put a note in the final evaluation saying "Check next semester's results", or something like that.

If it were truly intelligent, it might also request an interview with the teacher in order to better evaluate that person on an individual level. It might require watching videos of her class, in order to better evaluate her teaching skills in situ. In other words, an actual AI would evaluate her, not just a bunch of numbers.

We don't have AI. Stop using the word.

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