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How much international carnage could a tinpot dictator with an orbit-capable rocket and a few sacks of flour cause?

Well, loss of military surveillance wouldn't stop the enthusiastic and sometimes random bombing of foreigners by the US, so no real impact there: just the regular "Carnage as a Service".

More problematic, fuckwit drivers in developed nations would be totally unable to function without their satnav: A bit inconvenient for the rest of us when they reverse round roundabouts because they missed the last sign. Hardly carnage.

Sky: Interruption to their satellite TV drivel. From a personal perspective, not a problem. And since Sky would continue billing their customers regardless, no financial carnage for them (sadly).

Pornosat (various): Grumble lovers all round the globe would find that they were no longer able to receive satellite broadcasts of slickly made US and Europorn. Now for some that would be carnage.

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