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How is Apple "taking advantage" of Imagination? Should they be required to use their GPUs forever in order to keep Imagination in business? They gave them plenty of notice when they'd stop using their GPUs - presumably notice as dictated in a contract.

The only possible dispute is whether Apple's in-house GPU design will infringe on Imagination patents, and if so to what extent. Since Apple's design isn't even complete yet Imagination is trying to get them to pay up based on guesswork. I think the real plan for Imagination is to divest the stop Apple doesn't want, and make them think buying them out is cheaper than potential litigation.

Given their turnover and profit from the GPU segment, losing over half their business will put it deeply in the red so they obviously can't continue in that business without major cutbacks. That's too bad, but it is hardly Apple's fault Imagination was so heavily dependent on them. A lot of Android SoCs started using Mali in the last couple years, if Imagination had done a better job competing with ARM they could have won those customers and the loss of Apple would be only be a blow, not a death blow.

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