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might makes right in this late capitalism era

Sadly for most of my work career working for smaller outfits I have had a front row seat to how the big boys take advantage of the small fry. In fact I dare say a not insignificant portion of the S&P 100 or so growth comes at the expense of "partners" and suppliers. Nice to finally work for a decent size company that behaves more like a small company personnel wise and is big enough to not to be subject to this crap (no one customer accounting for more than 3% of sales was one reason originally came to work for them) but not so big (yet) it pulls it. Apple didn't get to be the biggest company in the world market cap wise spreading the wealth. A decent number of small companies are pretty much willing to literally give Apple money to say they have them as a customer. Beware the shop that bends over backwards for their one behemoth customer.

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