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If lawyers and spoilt children werent involved...

If adults were involved in this discussion and not lawyers and spoilt children, the whole situation should have gone something like this:

Über hired a guy they thought was good. It turns out he stole all the good work from his previous Company (I'm giving Über the benefit of the doubt here that they didnt collude in the theft, adults give people the benefit of the doubt, up to a point). When his theft was proven to them, they fired his ass, and handed him over to the Police for theft. Then Über started talks with Waymo about creating a licencing agreement so that they could continue to use the Technology. Perhaps some sort of data sharing arrangement, so they could both benefit from the work they had done on the Technology. And in this way, the Technology improved, company ethics were maintained, both firms continued along their development, money was saved on not having to pay lawyers and court costs, and a thief ended up in jail.

But no, Über doesnt work that way (corporate ethics? They've heard of them - something to do with hiring foreigners, right?), and so we end up in court, with huge costs, both sides looking bad, and the Technology being stalled. Hooray for modern America, right?

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