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We need to change patent law

When big corporations sue each other over patents, I think we should use a different system from the normal court trials. We tend to look down on the Middle Ages, but in many ways, they were wise. I think we should revive their concept of trial by combat, with the CEOs squaring off with pistols at dawn. (To keep the chronology straight, purists may feel it should be swords instead of pistols. Or follow the code duello and let the challenged party select the weapons.)

Only one can survive, winner take all. If neither survives, bring up the #2s in each company and repeat until we have a result.

This would probably cut way down on patent lawsuits. And it would help rid the world of patent trolls (assuming they lose, of course). You may feel I'm being a bit barbaric here, but really, how many of us would have enjoyed seeing SCO in the "Patent Arena of Death"?

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