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FYI: You can blow Intel-powered broadband modems off the 'net with a 'trivial' packet stream


you are if you dont have a sh3.

im on the 200 / 10 and its just fine thanks. could do with a bit more upload but its ok.

there is unfortunately noone anywhere near price wise to touch virgins fibre if it has a sh2 in modem mode

then add a pair of Ubiquiti long range ac access points and i have 200mb everywhere wirelesly for my ac wireless clients. bloody lovely.

i cant tell you how good the ubiquiti gear is, and ive tried quite a few different access points in many different properties .at home i have them it in the loft, not even drilled through the upper most ceiling, just hanging from the roof in the loft. penetration to ground floor is amazing, speed is awesome. buy some

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