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"Linux gets WAY more hacked when used as an internet facing server."

Zone-h counts website defacements, doesn't it?

Is there a difference between a website defacement and what most people might call a hack?

"More recent stats are actually worse for Linux!"

Then share them please, if you don't mind. Ideally based on something more widely relevant than website defacements. I realise that may be hard work, but you're the one making the claims, you're the one that needs to put up or shut up.

Otherwise people may well just assume it's the same recycled Jeff Jones material you were spouting back in (e.g.) 2013 which itself was based on rather outdated source material.

This Jeff Jones:

Jeff Jones who was claiming in 2007 that, after a whole six months out in the wild, Vista was more secure than Linux and OS-X?

You'd be well advised to quote any more recent references you feel may clarify matters, but in the meantime here's one from 2007, from,2817,2149851,00.asp

or there's this:

Have a lot of fun.

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