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"Is this a sign that m$ are listening to business complaints instead saying "fu3k you"

Corrected it for you. M$ are still not listening and saying "fu3k you" to non business users. To me this is worse that not listening. It means that they are aware that they have a problem, but only business users get a lifeline.

Windows 10 is really turning into a two tier OS, with how it works for home users and how it works for business users. I know previous versions of Windows had these two tiers, but I don't think it has been to this level before. And before people say that we should be grateful as it was free. Well is is not free anymore and this treatment of home users while asking full OS price is pretty bad.

And yes it would be great to move linux, if it supported all the games I play without having to go through emulator overhead, etc.

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