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Just a sign...

Just a sign that MS have "settled on" (in agreement with Security Services) all the Telemetry they need to Slurp, for the time being. They can now just offer security updates, because they have all the data they need to construct a picture of you, via the feature updates to date, to provide a MS conduited data feed out.

Mainstream "McDonalds" Windows 10 should now be seen as the equivalent of "benign" CCTV covering public areas, now also sitting inside your PC. They (powers that be) are moving the definition of "public" as what happens between the keyboard/mouse "interactions" and what appears on the screen.

The equivalent of saying, anything you do on your PC should be "acceptable", as though that PC was located in a communal room within the home, where other family members would be present/have distant line of eye visibility, also have access/use of that machine.

It's Amber Rudd/Theresa May's moral equivalent of putting Easter back into Cadbury's (Easter) Egg Hunt, ignoring all the negatives of such daft policy such as Blackmail/Bribery/Opportunism and general supression of expression resulting in knowing such data is been collected/visible to others. But the real reason, she's a clueless authoritarian after your data.

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