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This Wouldn't Happen In France: Thank You bLIAR & Blunkett

The USA loves doing One-on-One trade deals where they throw in a wish list of completely unrelated things that have nothing to do with Trade.

Thank you, bLIAR & Blunkett, for allowing the USA to gobble up British offspring.

Crimes committed in the UK should be tried in the UK. The criminal law systems in the UK and the USA are from different planets. How many imprisoned lifers in the USA compared to the UK? How many people are serving life for stealing a pair of socks? (Three strikes out rule) Besides, the USA justice system is more akin to a Let's Make A Deal TV show. They don't want trials, they want deals,

France wouldn't, DOESN'T, surrender it's own to another jurisdiction, so why does Britain?

And the biggest, sickest, joke of all? The USA going around preaching about Human Rights.

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