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And why Microsoft IIS now has double Apache's market share:

Maybe according to a quick glance at the linked Netcraft page (though I've edited this post to reflect another poster pointed out a better look at the Netcraft site shows otherwise). There's not many places out there that do this sort of work (with a quick check on Google anyway, others can look further if it's important enough to them) suggests otherwise.

Site hacking must be at an all-time high. When IIS was just a teency little minnow with no defenses to speak of it was vastly more commonly hacked then Apache. Now it's a ugly large monster (still with no defenses to speak of, not like MS know what "security" is or anything) the number of targets out there is so much higher.

(I must wonder who runs Netcraft, and how much of the IIS servers they see are MS spinning up a few million VM's just to fudge the data - but then MS has never been known to falsify data or reports before have they?)

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