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So are all auditing functions now obsolete?

You put something in, you get something out. You humans don't need to know how/why this happened.

Sounds like a lot of accounting/financial modeling workbooks/sheets that I've been exposed to. "Trust us.", "These have been used for 15 years by the last 200 accountants that sat in your chair. They must be OK."

In reality, explaining all the inputs/outputs of a neural network would take much more than all the ink in trump's Obama-vetoing pen.

However, until we (or our other independent auditing robotic masters) can somehow understand how these decisions are reached, we are totally in the dark.

When the judge asks the defendant (let's call it a car manufacturer), "Why did your car swerve to the left to kill the pedestrian?" can the defendant say "I don't know, perhaps it was to avoid killing the mother and child on the other side of the street."? We don't know, and we won't know - unless we require that every path chosen through the network is documented and audit-able by some external trusted "thing".

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