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High Court hands Lauri Love permission to appeal extradition to US

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Comments like yours do make me question the human race.

I don't care if he really has autism, I don't care if his mummy is trying to help him. What I do care about is the way that justice is done.

He committed the crime in the UK, he was arrested in the UK. Therefore he should be tried in the UK. What is happening back in reality is that the US don't think that our justice system will punish people enough as a deterrent to stop them hacking in America.

Newsflash: So you can get UK citizens and punish them but I hate to break it to the USA, a Russian hacker is laughing his nuts off at you right now. (Disclaimer: All hackers are Russian/Iranian/North Korean as I read it on the internet)

It's like living in a cul-de-sac, everyone gets along and tries to be nice neighbours but every so often someones dog gets out and shits on the driveway of a neighbour.

The neighbour is rightly pissed off but would they demand the dog be taken to their house and put in a dog house? of course not because we are supposed to be a civilised society where sometimes dogs do shit where they shouldn't. The best solution is to put up a fence so the dogs can't defecate on the driveway in the first place.

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