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Since he was hacking from the UK, I support the idea he should be tried under UK laws. While the details vary a little most Western countries have laws that make his activities illegal. I am not happy with the DO(In)J antics and pandering to the press in these cases; personally I think more than a few DO(In)J shysters should at a minimum be permanently disbarred. If someone could find a way to charge with 'Crimes against Humanity' that would be nice.

As far as his guilt or innocence, other than proper procedures being followed to protect his rights, I am not that interested. My beef is that US shysters are more interested in making him an example than actually seeking justice. Something the Homer Cummings (US Attorney General under FDR) had problems with, shysters seeking a scalp rather than justice. The movie 'Boomerang' fictionalizes one his most prominent cases from 1924 where he proved the defendant was innocent of murder as the prosecutor and he declined to prosecute an innocent man.

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