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High Court hands Lauri Love permission to appeal extradition to US


Love is a spoilt brat,he has no more autism than 35% of the population.

Mummy has a few "connections" and has worked them to death..

Fingers crossed it goes to appeal,he loses and the tanks,pissed off by our allowing this lieing piece of rubbish to delay things get really annoyed and do hand him out a 99 year sentence,preferably on each and every offence..

These white,middle class gits all claim autism or some other un-provable problem and expect to walk away with a slapped wrist they are lazy greedy little gits,they know precisely what they are doing and why..

The old saying of "if you cannot do the time,don't do the crime" comes to mind,but all the time that they get a few months in a young offenders holiday camp then they reckon they can do the time,look at what that lieing piece of crap mudd has just been given..

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