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Re: geez, the ignorance about systemd here is astounding

"Nice straw man. The few "raging" comments here are outnumbered by comments from those who have had genuine problems with systemd. Got any answers for them?"

No, they're outnumbered by a lot of whining, a handful of anecdotes, a mass of misconceptions and a various statements that are false or distorted. If you have a specific problem, go look up your problem on or a similar site because chances are it's already been answered more than adequately.

I've already dealt with a share of issues here - text logging (just configure it), timesync client (a small SNTP client adequate for 95% of uses vs a full blown 20x larger NTP client/server) et al.

It's funny how for all the people whining about systemd Red Hat and other major dists manage to use it without the world collapsing around them.

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