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What problem systemd suppose to solve anyway?

Recently ported a large legacy application suite from 32-bit Linux to 64-bit and a systemd distro.

The systemd bit was the thing that caused the most headaches and pain.

It was never clear what problem systemd was suppose to be solving. The only thing I've seen touted was that it streamlined boot times - when was this a problem? How often are servers rebooted? (Perhaps once a year?)

In fact, it is far more common to *reboot* a system - and in this systemd seemed to be appallingly bad compared to the "old" way. Unravelling dependencies in reverse - either not much thought or effort has been put into this, or no adequate solution has been found. Rebooting went from under a minute to 15+ minutes or "infinity" (power button).

I really wouldn't mind if systemd actually did something useful. But so far it seems like a big steaming pile of regression.

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