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'm puzzled by people that raise the bogey man of "binary logging"

Are the log files still accessible if something has corrupted oh, lets say 1% of the log? And as Charles points out, if journalctl isn't functional/accessible?

Can you do stuff like grep+tail and so forth?

Text is such a basic system. Quick and easy to parse (your grep example means I have to learn and remember extra commands just to see what I can see easily normally). All systemd does is takes a basic, simple, and functional system and turns it into a complex pile of rubbish that will be unusable when you really need it. I doubt that any of the examples of "problems" you claim it solves (eg "with the added bonus of having the opportunity to add options that give you the logs from this boot, or any previous boot, or only logs associated with particular binaries or services") really exist for anyone - I can quickly and easily find the logs for the services I want and should they not have a log file of their own (on my systems stuff that seldom really matters gets one place, anything I wish to keep separate gets its own log file), and just the timestamp on a log file can tell me a lot. This crap doesn't solve any problems, doesn't make any tasks easier, and just ads complex junk that'll lead to problems. We need to be rid of systemd ASAP.

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