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*Virtual Reality Productions via ITs Other Name*

And although you can be assured that the Virtual Arms Race is not an entirely empty Computer Commanded Communication Control space, for here is surely evidence enough of at least one other Special Operations Command boldly phishing for penetration tested programs majoring in delivering leaderships in that place, quite where UKGBNI ESPecial Forces and Magical Sources would be on the ladders to success in those fields, is obviously a closely guarded top secret too easily able to cause acute embarrassment at best, and dire critical infrastructure consequences at the other end of the scale if the truth were to unfold and be told about the truly honest state of insecurity in sub-prime state actor projected field operations via *Simply Complex Mass AIMedia Streaming Manipulations*.

You are led to believe what audiotelevisual feeds feed you, are you not? Change the feeds and deliver Brave New Orderly World Orders with IT and AI.

It aint rocket science and/or difficult, is it. Get your APT ACT together.

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