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Court favours Nexsan over EMC in Unity trademark squabble


Chad's blog talks about Unity as a project or codebase, rather than product name. We all know that products have internal project names that don't reflect the final branding. As a previous commenter said, EMC screwed up, plain and simple. If I were the Nexan board, I'd negotiate with Dell/EMC for a payoff and agree to release the next version of their product under a slightly different name. The cash will be helpful in sustaining their business.

One other thought; EMC has always used the idea of "independent blogs" to somehow imply that Chad & Co are writing independent opinions from outside the company. It's a tactic also used by VMware. In this instance the process has backfired. Dell/EMC should establish clear boundaries on what can be put onto a personal blog and what should come from corporate. Eliminate the ambuguity for customers (and now the lawyers).

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