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They who Pay the Piper Calls ITs Tunes

The wool is slowly coming from the EU's eyes as they realise we dont NEED them. They however do rely on us, and that isnt a statement that we should be awkward with them just an observation they are coming around to quickly. .... codejunky

What on earth would they be relying on us for, codejunky, other than the fulfilling of our hearts desires with the purchase via our pretty fiat currency paper of their myriad goods and erotic services?

Are you suggesting that leading secret intelligence services are for sale and being sold, for such are solely that which certainly drivers the uncertain future and all current upcoming events which are mired in chaos and the madness of mayhem in deed indeed, for it seems to be what needs to be for now in order to drain the swamp and purge corrupt systems.

You realise of course that it is individual persons of vital interest, and not spooky agencies of national security, who/which provide all such proprietary intellectual property, and the world has its many rich sources for the purchase of such as can so easily lead sublimely and surreally with IT and Media their playgrounds of first choice for Cyber Command and Creative Control of Computers and Communications ...... Man and Machines.

I Kid U Not.

And you think Blighty is able to provide such Advanced IntelAIgent Lead? Where is the almighty evidence for Main Stream Media to leak it and deliver lashings of fresh hope in the present impotent sees of great despair and depression and recession?

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