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@ Justicesays

"Sure, I find that calling the people you are about to negotiate with a bunch of lazy tossers is definitely the best way to begin important negotiations."

It did burst their little bubble didnt it. I smiled a lot after watching that, and when he exposes the many problems the EU has to the EU politicians. Maybe they will now do something about their many faults now we are leaving.

As I said he would ignore their delusions and only accept a deal that was good for the UK. The wool is slowly coming from the EU's eyes as they realise we dont NEED them. They however do rely on us, and that isnt a statement that we should be awkward with them just an observation they are coming around to quickly. We shouldnt use it to bully them as they keep trying to do to us. We should go ahead as an open country and treat the world equally. Unfortunately some of our politicians seem to be as petty as the ones over there.

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