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Yes, facts do get in the way of a rant. Thatcher was secretary (of education ?) during the 1975 national referendum.

I do admit on being a bit low on knowledge of British political history, but if memory serves, Labour was AGAINST joining, while the tories DID advise the public to vote for it.

I didn't really follow politics back then, but from what I remember what I picked up later Thatcher was one of the driving forces within the Tory establishment to join, although at that time already expressing serious reservations about EU meddling in 'local' politics.

I SEEM to remember (but I'm not at al sure of this) Labour getting elected in the subsequent general election on the promice of tryong to reverse the decision to join, and failing miserably.

But if you have factual information to the contarary please let us know. Always eager to learn. Not big on foul language, though.

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