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The brexit party is over

The hot air is escaping the balloon. I think May has come to understand that the enthusiasm for a hard brexit is diminishing. And as always it's about the next election so she has decided there is more hot air in the balloon now than in 2020. And then there is, of course, the question if she was lying when she was against Brexit or has she been lying to you since the referendum. Politics. This time dear Brits vote using what you have between your ears and stop listening to the talking arseholes.

There is only one way to deal with the EU, take part, make it better, stop whining, it's a work in progress.

PS. nobody is going to steal the pound, Turkey is not joining the EU against your will, you will do well as long as you use your head for thinking, and you can restrict the number of immigrants just by using the EU laws available like some other EU countries do.

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