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Who to choose?

It seems to me that Labour's best chance of nabbing this is to firmly oppose Brexit and announce that, if they win, they’ll pull us back from the brink and back into the E.U. They won’t though because, like the Conservative Party, they support Brexit.

Personally, I don’t support Brexit - and that means that there’s only one party (in England) that I can vote for - Liberal Democrat. If you oppose Brexit too then I urge you to vote Lib Dem this time round, let them mend the bridge to Europe (and then, if you so wish, vote them out again in 2022, once we’re safely ensconced in the E.U. again). If you’re in Scotland, of course, then all I can do is envy your position - you’ve got an obvious, and powerful, anti-Brexit party in the S.N.P.

Of course, most voters (even ardently anti-Brexit voters) won’t vote Lib Dem, fearing it to be a wasted vote. It probably is too, it's a one in a million shot, but from where I’m sitting it’s still the best option that we have.

If you’re pro-Brexit of course, then you’re spoiled for choice - Conservative, Labour, UKIP, BNP, English Democrats, NF…

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