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Proprietary: Pure sticks to flash module design, becomes a direct flasher

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In the best of all worlds, those programmers would use Assembly and/or C for tasks where they're appropriate and 4G languages for tasks where they are appropriate. Same thing here - use NFS / iSCSI where you need attributes peculiar to those protocols (for example, cross-platform compatibility, IP transmission) and block where you need attributes peculiar to block (for example, raw speed).

Point being that dismissing FC and SCSI as "fossil fuels" while touting iSCSI and NAS as "nuclear power" makes as much sense as dismissing C and Assembly while relying solely on 4G languages (some of which were written in C, and all of which eventually devolve into assembly code).

The idea is to use the best tool for the job - and sometimes, that means heading down the stack, sometimes up.

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