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Agreed! I can't imagine why anyone would downvote you. My parents had an oil-fired Aga back in the seventies. It kept their 550 year old Welsh stone farmhouse warm as well as heating the water and being fabulous at cooking. I got an old solid fuel Aga as soon as I had a big enough house. It was converted to gas and kept me spoilt for 20 years. When we moved to another old house in Wales which has no gas I was tempted to get an old oil-fired one and recondition it. Then I found the Everhot website and, after visiting then and talking to their techie, I was convinced and we have had ours working for nearly 5 years now with no problems. Works off a 13A socket and costs perhaps £8 a week. Much better built than an Aga too. No problems with remote control either! Now, remind me, where's the IT angle again?

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