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Agas are the worst oven known to man. Incredibly inefficient unless you also need to heat the room all day. The temperature is pre-set during installation and cannot be changed. On/Off is all you get on an electric, and the gas ones don't even have an indicator to say that they are burning. Stayed at a place that has a gas one. It went out one day, we didn't realise until it was too late for it to warm up for dinner.

So we went to the pub.

Actually the Total Control is the Electric model that you can switch individual ovens on and it doesn't have to be on all day you had a timer you could set. I looked at one for my house before I moved in and decided against it because despite my estate agent saying they raised the value of the house - the space I had to put it in wasn't really large enough. If you live in a large house they're actually quite good because they really do heat the room and reduce the need to have a radiator in the kitchen. I went to a cooking demonstration for AGA and saw how to cook on one despite not actually buying one for myself in the end. You can dry clothes on them, do a wicked toasted sandwich on top (with some silicone paper) and the best cake I've ever cooked was done in an AGA. You can alter the temperature (on an Oil and Gas ones as my mum and sister have them*) but you're supposed to use different ovens and positions within the oven to cook. *They were in the houses when they moved in they didn't have them put in. Also it will carbonise food left in there and I've seen some beautiful examples of bread that looked exactly the same as when it went in to the oven just now carbon black and shiny.

Still a bit of a shocker to find that someone can turn on your oven whilst you're out if you went for the connected model. I can think of ways to mitigate this even if you did go with the SMS option and not a more secure wifi option. Not even sure this counts as coming under the IOT banner because it's using SMS.

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